Lovers & Madmen Coffee was opened with dual commitments – the first of which is to serve the best coffee & espresso, hands down. Our second commitment is to our community – to serving our community, and to seeing University City & West Philadelphia continue to thrive.

We selected Counter Culture Coffee as our roaster due to the amazing quality beans they produce, as well as the ethics of social & environmental responsibility which guide their company. We selected Four Worlds Bakery and Under the Oak Cafe as our local partners to provide our baked goods. They were selected for their respective standards of quality, environmental responsibility, and for their emphasis on using local & organic ingredients.

We are passionate about what we do and we want to share that with each person that steps through the door. We are committed to providing you with a quality experience beginning to end, whether you join us for a cup of coffee or for lunch, for an evening event or a relaxing morning. We welcome any and all feedback and look forward to seeing you in the lounge soon!